How to transport a betta fish (fighter fish)


Traveling with bettas is stressful, there's no doubt about that!
However, there are a few tricks to keeping your ride with less flaring
and a little less water spillage! If you're the type of owner who travels with their fish in tupperware
or baggies (and you should be!), there's no greater frustration than
seeing your fish in their containers in their carrying box flaring at
each other. An easy fix is to take one of your cruddy mop-up t-shirts
(see above) and cut off the sleeves. The sleeves are usually just large
enough and tall enough to go all the way around the cup. This keeps the cup dark, which keeps the fish comfy; keeps them from
seeing each other, which keeps them unstressed; and helps keep you
dry in the event the lid leaks a little bit! How awesome!  It's also a good idea for water changes with more than one fish-
Darkness, a bit of warmth, and protection from stressing at seeing
the other. Perfection.
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