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Betta fish abuse : say not to tiny bowls for betta fish

Have you ever seen a betta fish like this one ?

Double tail betta fish

You cant get any fancy than him
the guy in the pic is a mustard gas halfmoon

Mustard gas halfmoon betta fish

Lavender Elephant ear betta fish

One of the elegant betta fish available in the market.
This particular fish here is a elephant ear copper plakat

Elephant ear betta fish, aka Dumbo

One at the top is a male and one next to it is a female. 
Males are vibrant and has a lob of finage, were as the females don't look that appealing and eye catchy

Types of betta fish

Types of halfmoon

Types of betta fish available in the market

- Walmart Stem Vase ($9) - Hagen Elite Mini ($7) - Ikea Lamp ($10 @ Ikea, $20 Online)

- Aponogeton - Green Cabomba - Lindernia Parviflora - Amazon Micro Sword - Ludwigia Arcuata - Rotala Macrandra - Hygrophila Polysperma

Fauna: - 1 Female Betta - 6 MTS

Planted aquarium for betta fish

Traveling with bettas is stressful, there's no doubt about that!
However, there are a few tricks to keeping your ride with less flaring
and a little less water spillage! If you're the type of owner who travels with their fish in tupperware
or baggies (and you should be!), there's no greater frustration than
seeing your fish in their containers in their carrying box flaring at
each other. An easy fix is to take one of your cruddy mop-up t-shirts
(see above) and cut off the sleeves. The sleeves are usually just large
enough and tall enough to go all the way around the cup. This keeps the cup dark, which keeps the fish comfy; keeps them from
seeing each other, which keeps them unstressed; and helps keep you
dry in the event the lid leaks a little bit! How awesome!  It's also a good idea for water changes with more than one fish-
Darkness, a bit of warmth, and protection from stressing at seeing
the other. Perfection.
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How to transport a betta fish (fighter fish)

The Male Betta

The male betta is the more colorful of the species. A male may have one of several body colors and the same or different, sometimes various, tail colors. Bettas are quite territorial and don't like to share their habitat or territory with other bettas, be they male or female. The male betta is an interesting little critter: He sleeps lying down and has "ears" and can hear in a way other fish cannot. The male betta is responsible for creating the bubble nest where the fry will live and be protected. Male bettas are intelligent, curious and personable fish; anyone who has had one will attest to their unique personalities and characteristics. Males can be trained to perform a variety of tricks such as eating out of your hand or leaping through a ring like Shamu.

Female Betta

The female betta is decidedly less flamboyant than the male. Her fins are much shorter, and her coloration is muted in comparison with that of the male. The female has visible spots, called "egg spots," that look like grains of salt sprinkled under the female's belly. The female pretty much just hangs out while the male is busy making the bubble nest. Do not house males and females together until just before mating. Place them in the same tank only when breeding is imminent. There should be plenty of hiding places for the female, because the male is territorial even in the presence of a female betta. Living or silk plants provide hiding places. Don't use plastic plants, which could damage delicate fins.

Ready to Go

Place males and females together only when the time for mating is near. You will know the female is ready when vertical stripes appear on her body. If the male and female bettas are house in such a way that they can see one another, as in a large tank with a separator or two tanks that share a glass wall, the time will come when the female will begin to show vertical stripes and may begin to shed eggs. The male will begin to build a bubble nest. When the time for breeding is evident, place them together in a single tank. Well-fed, healthy females produce eggs most of the year, with no certain time of the year being any better than another time. Sometimes the female will release eggs without mating, and sometimes she will become eggbound, all natural incidents that should not alarm you.

The "Act"

Move the female betta to the male's tank or move the two fish together to a third tank. Place them in such as way that they can see one another but cannot touch. Some people use hurricane lamp glass placed inside a tank, with the female in the hurricane glass so the two can see one another until it's time for a safe introduction. When the fish are introduced, the male will lead the female over to the bubble nest and begin the act of fertilization. The male wraps his body around the female and hold that position for a time, squeezing the eggs out of her body. After the "hug," the male will chase the female away -- or the female will make her escape -- and begin to herd the eggs toward the bubble nest. The male will tend to the nest until the eggs hatch and the fry are ready to live on their own.

Betta fish Breeding

Moonlight Halfmoon betta fish

Moonlight betta fish

I wish everyone could know this. Every time I see the betta at the pet store, I always think that they need bigger tanks and air! The poor fish look like they are dead, they just sit in the tiny few cups of water.

This is how I always see the poor fish sold

Betta Fish Abuse

Dumbo salamander betta fish plakat

Sad to see they’re still the common peasants of the aquarium aisle, and they've been downgraded to living in take-out containers.
Spread the awareness, stop buying fishes form walmart,and other corporate...all they want is  money...and they treat bettas like shit .. :( sad

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Betta fish Abuse

 Pic send by:Maria De Los angeles

Red King crowntail Betta fish